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I was paid before I delivered the work in the first milestone. Can he be a red flag?

Recently I just got signed by a client on upwork.

He is my first order. So definitely I was happy. He gave me all the info required for the work which was writing an article of 2k words. but It looked a little easy compared to the price. However, I asked him for a few more info and he said he would get back to me. Suddenly out of nowhere, he cleared the bill. But before I could submit his work. It was very confusing to me.  


I was very clear on my side. Asked clearly about the extra info. also told him I would submit it after he provided me the necessary info and now he just cleared my first milestone payments today and told me he would review the article and get back to me which I did not deliver. 

Is that can be a red flag. I do not care about the payments. Just do not want to be scammed. 


Can you cliarify the situation please.

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