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I wish Upwork would educate clients on how to leave feedback

Twice this week I have had poor feedback left, which is fustrating. I recieved a 4.3 publicly for a $50 quick job, including stars off for deadline (Umm she had a 10 day deadline, I did it in 1!) and for quality, (she wasn't a native speaker which is why she hired me, so..??) and it's things like this that really can hurt a freelancer. 


The second time, I worked with a woman editing her novella. She was very pleased, and though I asked three times if she needed any revisions or corrections, she never replied. She talked about other things, asked me questions, but never replied about that. I got a 4.6 publicly. I admit, I was so rattled, I left a typo in my response, because I stand by the quality of my work, and I hate the idea that anyone would think differently. 


I understand I am top rated, and can remove a rating if I want, and I probably won't because I always feel like I should save that, for just in case, however, it was unfairly written feedback, saying I missed things. When I contracted her, saying I'd have been happy, and still was, to go over what I'd sent if she wasn't pleased, she said Oh, she wasn't sure what she was doing, this was all so new, she should have looked at the clean copy I'd sent, because everything was fine there. But not to worry, it wasn't a big deal.


The thing is, it IS a big deal. To my score. I'm now at 94% of people would recommend me, so I'm guessing the private feedback of those two was pretty low. Because, obviously, they weren't sure what they were doing when they left a rating. Instead of asking any questions, or replying when I asked if there were other changes they wanted, were they happy with the quality, etc, they just ignored me.


I'll know next Sunday, when my JSS updates, but meantime, I've got those gems sitting there amidst all of my other 5 stars, and really making me stress I won't land other jobs because of two people. I wish, wish, wish that people would look over their work, ALL OF IT, and I also wish that if they weren't sure on something, they'd ask. I've worked with many non native authors, and they usually do defer to me when it comes to grammar. And I've never, missed a deadline. That one about not hitting deadline whe I was 9 days early really is upsetting. 

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It is galling, but honestly, that sort of rating is truly not the end of the world. What counts is what score your clients give you privately. 


If it is any comfort, I just looked at your profile and your JSS is 98%, and I can see the first three feedbacks, which are stellar. The not-so great one is further down. If I were a client, I would probably only look at the top three in any case. 


Chill - your JSS will soon be back to 100% and the not-so great scores, history. 

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Nichola's right, those two feedbacks together are barely a blip on your otherwise stellar history. Honestly, your responses call more attention to them than either one warrants or would otherwise attract. It's truly galling to get ambushed like that but I think a good rule of thumb is to write one's answer, let it sit overnight, and then throw it out. 


Meanwhile, if UW strips out 'track changes' then I would make it a point to submit edited/proofed copy via some other channel as well, and make sure each client knows why. (email, Dropbox, etc.) That way, if/when they are reviewing it at the (their) last minute and find any problems, they have the "real" version (that UW hasn't corrupted) available.


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re: "I recieved a 4.3"



It is not Upwork's intention that you receive 5.0


It is Upwork's intention that you receive 4.3.


So.. if Upwork were to educate clients in how to leave feedback, and if clients were to leave feedback the way that Upwork intended the system to work, there would be very few 5.0, and far more 4.3


Pretty much every 5.0 rating on Upwork is not a "real" rating, according to how Upwork originally wanted the star rating system to be used.

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