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I would like to ask Upwork, does it mean that freelancers do not have the right to know and make rep

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask a question. I met a client who lost contact after submitting documents and refused to approve or communicate with her. I got the fee forced by the system 14 days later, and after I ended the contract, I didn’t see any comments. But my job success rate was lost.

I asked the staff to help with my enquiry, and they said comments could be made privately.
I would like to ask, do freelancers have the right to know?
Currently, my work completion rate is lost and my badge is lost. Didn't give me any clear answer. There is not even any evaluation or right of appeal from customers.

I would like to ask if Upwork is a platform that discriminates against professions. How should we protect our interests when encountering disgusting customers?

Please give me some suggestions, thank you very much.

(My request was submitted to customer service. Why didn’t the staff have any solution or obligation to inform in detail? Is this artificial intelligence? It’s not a real person’s customer service. I want to know.)

What exactly does this mechanism look like? Why should freelancer JSS be burdened with such disgusting clients? You don’t even know the reason for the complaint, and you don’t have the right to complain?


It’s not a fair platform for advertising or video recommendations at all? Is it false advertising, or is there something wrong with my understanding?

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Upwork will never tell you truth about JSS. Only useles templates about very large sectret.

Yes, your JSS will be dropped time from time and you will never know whats wrong.

For example my JSS was 100 an month ago. Then dropped to 98, then to 97. I got no feedbacks for that time and have no clue whats happened.

Wouldn't that be a disguised form of protecting customers?

How should we deal with disgusting customers?

Are freelancers completely a disadvantaged group? It's not the fair cooperation that Upwork advertises at all.

Once the work has been done, it’s okay to pay without approval. You need to wait 14 days before the system enforces protection for freelancers. Your credibility is not guaranteed at all. What should you do if you encounter a disgusting customer?

Customers can create a small account and publish tasks at will without any loss.

We freelancers only have one account number. Novices cannot grow up and are completely unable to connect with high-quality outsourcing, no matter how capable and talented they are. Didn’t upwork violate the original intention of its website?

I don't understand this kind of ridiculous operation. . . Play with fire and burn yourself

Between mid-August and early September, four 5-star ratings dropped out of your 6-month calculation window five out of your one-year calculation window, and seven out of your 2-year calculation window. Removing variables from the calculation can have just as much impact as adding new ones.

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Upwork relies on private ratings to have any chance of providing accurate information to clients, since a combination of social norms (perhaps better termed "cowardice") and freelancers relentlessly harassing clients for better feedback have rendered public ratings 100% meaningless. A 5-star rating on Upwork means something akin to "the freelancer managed not to kill a member of my family."

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Community Manager

Hi Xing, 

I reviewed your account, and if I understood correctly, you're referring to the Rising Talent Badge. You lost the badge because you now have a Job Success Score (JSS). Note that you can't simultaneously have a Rising Talent Badge and a Job Success Score. Since you now have a JSS, you can work towards getting a Top Rated or a Top Rated Plus badge. 

As for your current score, I can only assume that because you only have three contracts with feedback, there are not enough scores to calculate your score. You can check the JSS article I shared above to understand how your score is calculated and what affects your score. 

~ Avery
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Can you help me check my account number? Why I got the job done. However, only 63% of the JSS are marked. How did this customer evaluate me? Can I appeal this client? Malicious review? Because I have chat log evidence, the job is done. After giving the file, the person disappeared without any feedback.

I should have the right to correct my JSS rating, right? Milestones were completed as per his needs. It was fine without review, and they forced me to get paid through the system after 14 days, and they also deliberately discredited me.
Does the official website allow us freelancers to bear this kind of operation by default?

Please tell me how to appeal to have my JSS score reinstated.

If you need to know more about the project, you can contact me directly. I will provide detailed evidence.

Why does such a simple truth have to be so complicated?

Moreover, how do you ask new upwork accounts to develop and grow? There are a lot of scammers and you don’t have any measures. Nor does it protect the rights of freelancers.

You don't automatically get a good score just for completing a job; clients give you a private rating as to whether they would recommend you or not, and no, you can't appeal. Even if you completed the job correctly, the client might have had a problem with your customer service or your general attitude (I'm guessing), and they have a right to their opinion, otherwise the whole review system is meaningless. But if you complete even one more job with good feedback, your score will go back up again.

I think upwork is a scam.

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Wouldn’t upwork solve the problem?
Is there no customer service or staff to help with this?

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Xing C wrote:

Wouldn’t upwork solve the problem?

The problem is that there is no problem here.
I mean, if you consider private feedbacks a "problem", you've got all the rights to do so. But the platform won't solve it, as it's part of their policy. 

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However, I received unfair and malicious comments from customers.
Can't ask any questions and solve them? (Not even if evidence is provided?)
Is this the upwork platform? If so, wouldn’t it be discrimination and false propaganda?

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