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ID Verification System

Hi to all Odesk Managers,


I would like to get a point across to the Odesk Management regarding the mandatory ID verification system.


First, not all freelancers have government issued IDs. This means that those who don't have such IDs will never be able to withdraw funds on Odesk, ever, or they will need to get these IDs which will take much effort, time and money to do so. 


I believe this system is created for the benefit of everyone, but I believe this system should not be mandatory. 


Freelancers should have the right to verify or not, and employers will have the right to select verified or unverified freelancers, at their own risk.


I live in the Philippines and most freelancers here do not bother getting government issued IDs given the tedious process and all.


We are also a stakeholder of Odesk. 10% of our fees goes to odesk each time clients make the payments.


I belive we have a strong stand on this issue too.




You can get a postal ID for only 300 pesos/$7 (includes everything) processing time is only a week. That is an acceptable government-ish issued ID. You also need a bank account in your own name and last I checked, you need government IDs for that as well.



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Community Manager

Hi Maychelle,


Dianne has provided some great advice redarding an official ID you should be able to obtain locally. I would also like to clarify that ID verification is not mandatory for all the freelancers on oDesk. However, there are instances when it is required from a freelancer to provide a valid ID. Here is more information about it.

~ Valeria