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Re: ID Verification denied without any suitable justification

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A N Member Since: May 23, 2016
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Hello All,


I requested a change in my account name due to which an ID verification was required by Upwork. On submitting photo scans (scanner is not available at my disposal) of my valid NIC (govt. issue ID) and physical bank statement, Upwork flatly declined my request.


On enquiry through a chat session with an agent, his discussion revealed that Upwork believes (team verifying the authenticity of my docs) that the bank statement provided is from an ONLINE source and not from any physical document. I dont know from where they got this idea.


If for any reason, the docs were to be rejected, Upwork should be professional enough to provide reasons of rejection so that the rejection can be justified and the user can rectify the causes behind rejection to upload again.


To resume the verification, they have asked me to upload any other document with my name or sirname, which I hardly have.


Can someone out here guide me?


Thanks and Regards,


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A N Member Since: May 23, 2016
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Now whenever I try to respond to a job posting, I am always being redirected to ID verification page. Dont know what Upwork is trying to do. They are not accepting my legitimate documents and still insisting me to upload docs!!!

I am totally stuck in this situation.

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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Naeem,


I see our agent explained the reason your document was rejected and advised you on the type of documents that are acceptable. Our team will follow up on your ticket with further clarification if needed so feel free to update your existing ticket.

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A N Member Since: May 23, 2016
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Hi Vladimir,


Thanks for your response.

Yes, he explained that the team thinks that the uploaded document is a photo of an online statement as he said....

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

However, it is a photo of ORIGINAL PAPER STATEMENT (hard copy, folded into 2) delievered from the bank directly to my home address as mentioned within the statement.


Surprisingly, I cannot understand looking at the image, what makes them think it is an online statement?


No matter how many times I further upload, it may be different variations of the same statement.


If I further request the bank for another statement, it will be delievered on a PLAIN WHITE COMPUTER paper without any logo/background, which I am sure will not be acceptable.


If this statement is not acceptable, I'll be forced to wait till next such statement is delivered again, probably within next 1-2 months. And still there wont be any guarantee of being accepted by Upwork.