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ID verification


Hello Upwork, 

My profile required ID verification before 15-20 days ago, i submit my doc. approx 2 time but i didn't get any resposne. Could you please let me know what is the reason? I am not able to apply jobs. Still it's says it will take 3-4 working days. 

My main question is if my id is not working then why my creadit card is charging for paid membership?

Can you please let me know what is reason and why it's still not working, how long it will take. 

Thanks & Regards

Community Guru

Hello Bro,

You should write to them on the ticket, Then they will get back to you or you can contact with customer support, Sometimes upwork team reply early, sometimes bit late, around 2 or 3 days, but they will contact you soon. Don't worry. 


I had the same problem 2 weeks ago. But I have verified my identification.

Community Guru

Did you upload your documents using the secure link you were sent? That is the ONLY way you should have submitted them, and it would have worked only once.


Upwork support is quite responsive. Even though the standard e-mail sent states 3-4 working days, they usually respond within 15 minutes and a maximum of 24 hours.  You only need to send the required documents once but make sure you submit as instructed.


Did you possibly send the documents as attachments to the e-mail you received? If you did, that's not going to work. You need to use the secure link you were sent. Try using that link once again and if you still don't get any response, send them a ticket.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Harmandeep,


I've checked and see our team followed up on your ticket after your documents were rejected a few times, explained in detail the reasons why they can't be accepted and instructed you on how to proceed with further submission. I see our agents followed up on the support requests you submitted afterwards and pointed you to the information our team shared on your original ticket.


I can also confirm you are subscribed to our Basic Membership plan which is free of charge.