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Wondering if these people are part of a scam?? I am new here on Upwork and have been contacted by two companies that proposed that they were interested in interviewing me. At first I was all happy that I was hired and would be working and earning money to pay for classes at my school but then I had a second interview and this interview was almost the same as the other (same questions, almost the same programs needed for job) and this is when I started getting suspicious. I do not know who to contact at Upwork in order to ask questions about these two companies.


Here is the proposal for interview message sent to me:

These proposals are for work as a bookkeeper, data-entry, administrative assistant. I received 2 proposaals yesterday 4/11/2016 and was asked for an interview. This is the message that I was sent. 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**



So...yesterday I had the first interview and then on the second interview I saw that both were almost the same. After about an hour interview with **Edited for Community Guidelines** (the first interview) who works for a company (**) and gave me the website address. I found the website legitimate and continued with the interview. After the interview I was told I was hired and that I needed some supplies for my home office. I was informed about benefits, pay rate and hours and duties required for the job. I was told I need these:

IBM Notepad laptop,

BS 1 Accounting software ,

MYOB business essentials software ,

Peach Tree Software ( US Patent Single Users Pack ),

simply accounting .

Microsoft Office Accounting,

Sirius GT Accounting For Windows X window time tracker ,

for my home office and that I would be provided a check in the next day for me to cash for the purchase of the supplies. This is where I started getting suspicious. I do not know who to report this to or ask questions pertaining to these companies who offered me a job.



 I really need this job and now I think I am stuck still looking. Woman Sad

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Any job that asks you to purchase things and that they will send you a check is a scam. Many are doing interviews on Yahoo. Stay Away. Run as fast as you can...

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**edited for Community Guidelines**



Hi Katie, 

I had to edit your post as it is a violation of the Upwork Community Guidelines - Including names of persons or companies (or other identifying information) in an accusation of misconduct, incompetence or other wrongdoing.


You can share with me the details of the client you mentioned in your first post, so that I can share it with the team. In the future, you can flag these clients as inappropriate so that the team automatically receives your report. 


Flag as Inappropriate.png

~ Avery

Thank you so much for posting this. I was in the middle of a Google Hangout session to be given my briefing. I already had extreme hesitations as I did heavy reasearch on the company which stated they were a loan company and found NO information. The only thing I found was a recently made Facebook page, which looks sketchy to say the least. 


After googling each and every one of their material and software requests (specifically when I googled Sirius GT Accounting For Windows X window time tracker), I saw a lot of complaints listed on several websites of people with nearly identical conversations. I found this job post via another freelance site and I recieved two messages to contact two different HR Managers from the same "company" within 12 hours. I just signed up with Upwork and two other freelance sites just to get an idea how this works.


Unfortunate start to utilizing freelance sites, but understand why these sites exist to protect both parties. 


General rule of thumb = any Google Hangout is a S-C-A-M.

Hi Lisa,

I'm new to Upwork too and the only job offers I’ve received have been in the Google Hangout format. It’s quite frustrating actually, I've complained about this issue to the moderators, but I still continue to get these invitations. You mentioned that you were a member of other freelancing sites; have you experienced this same issue with those sites?


 check the conversation today!! I copy paste 

  Sucks coz  i already give my persomal information

I'M New to Upwork all of my interview request have been to communicate outside of the upwork platform.


It is really a concern when the company does not want to pay via upwork.


This is such a waste of time  to be contacted constantly by scammers and it doesn't make upwork look like a reliable source for work at home jobs.



Hi Laniece,


You are correct to be suspicious about clients offering to pay outside of Upwork. It is against the Upwork ToS and means that your payment is not protected. Please, flag the job as inappropriate when you receive such requests so the team could review and take appropriate actions.


Thank you.

~ Valeria


Because you are a newbie and an entry-level worker, you can safely assume that all invitations you receive right now are scams. You can save time by ignoring all invitations that come out of the blue.


Focus only on applying for jobs that you know you can do very well on. Immediately decline invitatations from clients whose jobs you did not apply to. For now.




So glad I came across this post.  Just ended a Google Hangouts interview with a company called **Edited for Community Guidelines**.  They didn't want to set up the job or pay through Upwork.  I also found an article on Google in which an applicant was sent almost the exact same initial message. 


I'm really new to Upwork so I'm so happy to know that freelancers are transparent with stuff like this happening. ❤️



Hello All,


Sharing my experience with someone who called themselves **Edited for Community Guidelines**.  I was sent this email this morning:


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Not being used to Upwork, I did sent the google chat link a ping. **Edited for Community Guidelines** responded asking if I was ready for my interview.  I responded by asking if this was a gchat or video chat conversation.  They said, just a gchat.  I said ok.


Next I was sent a disclaimer that said: don't ask any questions, all will be revealed at the end of the interview.  Just answer the questions "ok".  I said ok and they sent me the first question which was... "Respond with your full name, sex and age" - I think it "sex" I was done.


I responded asking if I could have the interviewers linkedlin link, as I would like to be sure who I am speaking with and I received no answer.  I then commented that asking for someone to confirm their "sex" in an interview is illegal, with no answer.


Long story short, I'm 1/1 on Upwork interviews and my feelings about this process.  My first interview through Upwork seemed fine.  I was not hired, but I do not question the validity of the opportunity.  And then this opportunity.  If this isn't a scam, I would suggest we work with companies with better/legal HR procedures.


I also googled **Edited for Community Guidelines**and found this message on their careers page:


Warning: Recruitment Scams

Please note that we have recently become aware that organisations are claiming falsely to recruit on behalf of **Edited for Community Guidelines** We have been advised that the organisations or individuals making such claims often request the transfer of significant sums of money to pay for work permits, insurance policies, etc.

Please note that neither **Edited for Community Guidelines**, nor any of the organisations that recruit on its behalf, will ever ask for any money or payments from applicants at any point during the recruitment process.

Please also note that any communication from an organisation or person purporting to act on behalf of **Edited for Community Guidelines**and requesting any payment is fraudulent. Such communications do not originate from **Edited for Community Guidelines** recruitment process.

How to spot fraudulent recruitment communication:

Communication from a non-**Edited for Community Guidelines** e-mail addresses.
Any request for money/ payment
If you receive any such communication, we recommend that you do not respond; and contact your local police immediately and provide them with all the correspondence from and the information you have regarding the sender (email addresses, phone/fax details, etc.).


If you are a colleague here on Upwork, I suggest not working with these people.

Hi Erica and Sceleta,


Thank you for reporting these jobs. It's a known scam and I'm going to follow up with our Marketplace Quality team to make sure actions are taken against these accounts.


Please, check this post for more information on how to avoid questionable jobs.

~ Valeria

re: "Next I was sent a disclaimer that said: don't ask any questions, all will be revealed at the end of the interview."


This is good advice if you're watching a mystery movie. Or "The Sixth Sense."


I'm not sure that this would ever be considered an auspicious start for a job interview.

@Preston H wrote:

re: "Next I was sent a disclaimer that said: don't ask any questions, all will be revealed at the end of the interview."


This is good advice if you're watching a mystery movie. Or "The Sixth Sense."


I'm not sure that this would ever be considered an auspicious start for a job interview.


Twice this week I have been solicited for a "Hangouts" interview.  I reported both, but their jobs are still active.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hi Tania,


I'll follow up with the team to make sure the jobs you reported are reviewed as soon as possible. 

Thank you.

~ Valeria

I just got the same one 😕 this morning

said they wanna offer me a district manager position


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sue,


I reported this job and our team will remove the client from the platform shortly, thanks for flagging. Please stop communicating with this client, check the safety tips we shared and feel free to report any similar violation to Customer Support directly.


I believe it's scam too. I had the same kind of interview about 1 month ago. This mornig I received the same offer as you. I got hired too and once they told me that I have to buy supplies with the check that they will mail, if figured, IT IS A SCAM. DON'T FALL FOR IT PEOPLE. NO REAL COMPANY IS GOING TO DO THAT.


Today I received an invitation for an interview via google hangout. After the interview I was told I was hired and that I needed some supplies for my home office. I was also told that they will send me a check to purchase the accounting sotfware from a vendor of the company's choice.


I really needed this job to gain more experience in the accounting field as I am transitioning into my future career.


Is this really a scam???