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Wondering if these people are part of a scam?? I am new here on Upwork and have been contacted by two companies that proposed that they were interested in interviewing me. At first I was all happy that I was hired and would be working and earning money to pay for classes at my school but then I had a second interview and this interview was almost the same as the other (same questions, almost the same programs needed for job) and this is when I started getting suspicious. I do not know who to contact at Upwork in order to ask questions about these two companies.


Here is the proposal for interview message sent to me:

These proposals are for work as a bookkeeper, data-entry, administrative assistant. I received 2 proposaals yesterday 4/11/2016 and was asked for an interview. This is the message that I was sent. 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**



So...yesterday I had the first interview and then on the second interview I saw that both were almost the same. After about an hour interview with **Edited for Community Guidelines** (the first interview) who works for a company (**) and gave me the website address. I found the website legitimate and continued with the interview. After the interview I was told I was hired and that I needed some supplies for my home office. I was informed about benefits, pay rate and hours and duties required for the job. I was told I need these:

IBM Notepad laptop,

BS 1 Accounting software ,

MYOB business essentials software ,

Peach Tree Software ( US Patent Single Users Pack ),

simply accounting .

Microsoft Office Accounting,

Sirius GT Accounting For Windows X window time tracker ,

for my home office and that I would be provided a check in the next day for me to cash for the purchase of the supplies. This is where I started getting suspicious. I do not know who to report this to or ask questions pertaining to these companies who offered me a job.



 I really need this job and now I think I am stuck still looking. Woman Sad

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Any job that asks you to purchase things and that they will send you a check is a scam. Many are doing interviews on Yahoo. Stay Away. Run as fast as you can...

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It's up to Upwork to vet those submitting job offers. This is why I have
not worked with Upwork in over a year. When find that it is a scam, you
realize you have wasted valuable time and resources.
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I am in the process of being scammed! I will see if I can get this A-Hole to email me. Then I will be able to TRACE the Header Code. Perhaps the code will lead me beyond GOOGLE HANGOUTS. I need to submit as much information to the FBI CyberCrimes Unit and Homeland Security. This SO infuriates me!!!

Hi Glenn,


I checked and both the client and the job you are referring to have already been removed from Upwork because they were in violation of Upwork ToS. Please, check out this post for tips on how to protect yourself in the future.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


Please check this client **edited for Community Guidelines** as I have got inventation to interwiev on google hangouts and after interwieve I was asked to send personal information for their records (address, e-mail phone etc.).



Hi Zaur, 

I had to edit your post because citing names of clients on your post is a violation of the Upwork Community Guidelines.


Anyway, thanks for sharing this here. We will notify the team about the actions of this client so that actions can be taken against his account. 

~ Avery
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Community Manager

A couple of posts have been removed from this thread as they contained personal attacks. Please, treat other members of the Community with respect and courtesy when posting.


Thank you.

~ Valeria
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Hi Dora

Yes it is a scam. I have had this happen many times. Same old script but different companies and legit ones at that.I have stopped accepting interviews if they ask me to go to google hangouts to do it. I dont understand either how they can keep getting in here but they do. When a client is looking to hire then Upwork might consider checking to see if person hiring actually works for the company they are hiring for. This might stop some of them if they knew they were going to be verified.


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Hi Dora!! I had the exact same interview you had, probably same "alleged company", they actually sent me a check that happens to be a fraud (I checked with the bank). Don't move on with that!
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I had the same thing happen to me this morning. I went through most of the interview via gchat and then when they asked to transfer payment to my bank I quit the process. It's so frustrating to deal with.

Nicolette, I had a similar experience- the message I got referenced **edited for Community Guidelines** and another company called **edited for Community Guidelines**. From my research it actually looks like **edited for Community Guidelines** is a legit company based in France, and there is lots of web info about them. It makes me wonder if the scammers just took this company name. Whereas **edited for Community Guidelines** has no info about them at all- should have been a red flag for me.

Hi Nicolette, and Tracy, 

If you haven't already, please flag these job posts as inappropriate, or you can report it directly to the support team, or to me so that actions can be taken agains the job posts and the client accounts. 

~ Avery
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I hope upwork will have facility to identify and block scammers or fraudsters.


I am newbie in this area and just have a scam interview today. Flagged the job as inappropriate already.


The interviewer asked me to have interview through google hang-out. Like the usual interview, brief me about the company and said I can ask question after. She is so strict when it comes to privacy and code of conduct.


During the interview she asked me if I have an ABN. When I said none, she asked me to get one and provide a link for it. But since I don't see any reason to get one, I asked if I am hired or not cause it will be a waste doing it if not. She asked me what I understand about privacy and code of conduct of the company which I answered. After that she said she will get back to me cos she is submitting my interview to the HR board. After a while, she told me that I am hired but not the one in the job posting but another job. It sounds off but still continued cause she didn't asked me to do anything or ask something weird. 


She asked me to get an ABN which I did. I thought since I am doing freelance work I may need one. When I tried to apply for an ABN using the link she gave me, it says that I need to pay an amount of 500aud plus. That I did not forego though cos I don't want to spend that much money. So I negotiated. I said I will decline the offer if it is not possible to do the work first and when I reached the fee for getting an ABN that's when I'll get one. She said I can get one free and she will provide for the link. I searched also and get an ABN with the official site of ATO. (Now I need to cancel my ABN)


After that she asked me to open an account, I agreed cause I thought they will deposit my fee in that account and for my business bank account. They provide me a list of bank closest to me where I can open an account. Her next instruction is a gruesome one.


She told me to open a bank account under a COMPANY NAME they provide using my ABN. And I thought, what the hell. That moment, I thought they are a scammer or worse trying to involve me in a fraud or something.

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I received a message to interview for this position and it's totally a SCAM. **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Yes, that is a scam.


All you need to know is:


Google Hangouts invite = scam

"Your details has been forwarded"?



"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

Why go for good CS rep positions? Go for the adequate ones so you can take it easy.

It screams ESL.

Hi Jeff,


Thanks for reporting. We'll have the job reviewed by the team as soon as possible as it  violates Upwork ToS.

~ Valeria
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I think I just got scammed too. I was confused when they were :


Once your payment has been received and acknowledged by you. You will be kindly instructed on how to get the payment deposited into your bank account with one of the various deposit processes available. The payment (check) deposited will be credited by your bank. You will be instructed by us to deduct your sign up bonus as you will be using the remaining payment to purchase your needed working equipment from the company's merchant for your equipment to be sent via a cargo to be locally dispatched to you via a courier service closest to your address Okay ?


I'm like what do you mean, sounds like a scam? so I stopped replying. But the problem is I gave out my location, email, name, and I am a bit scared? 


They even sent me a job recommendation letter throughout the interview process which is weird...? (see attachments)


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

re: "I'm like what do you mean, sounds like a scam? so I stopped replying. But the problem is I gave out my location, email, name, and I am a bit scared?"


Yes, it's a scam.


Don't worry! You were smart enough to figure this out before anything bad happened.


Okay, they have your email and name and location. But all these people really care about is getting money from you.


You didn't provide them with any bank account information. And you are not going to cash their fake check or do anything else with them. Just block them from contacting you and it is all over. They're in a different country and they won't do anything else if you ignore them and don't participate in their scam any further.

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I just went through something very similar.  Same type of position with **Edited for Community Guidelines**.  WEbsite seems legitimate, the interview questions seemed legitimate butsomething doesn't feel right.  Theyare going to send me a check to set up my home office.  They wanted  acredit card I said no.  Then they wanted my banking information to wire the money for set up. I said no until I get a letter of acceptance.  


It is getting very suspicious and I haven't provided and real private information.  Very frustrating because it sounded good, working from home, and I really need the work to survive.  I was offered the position and was very excited. Now I am completely bewildered and frustrated.


What a world we live in!! Jobs are hard enought to find without scams taking over.


Thoughts and opinions are welcome.


Scott in NC