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Id Verification expiry date

In id verification they are asking me to enter the expiration date of the id card, whether the governement id cards of my country (voter card, aadhar card, pan card etc) don't have any expiry date on them. But i can see the expiration date field is mandatory. So what should i do?

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jaynta you can specify it any future date in the expiry date field. Normally in driving license we are having a Expiry dates. But if you are using a aadhar card , pan card or voter id card then just mention any future date.


Upwork verification team will take care the remaining procedures.






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I have been trying to Verify my account, but Nigeria ID card doesn't have Expiry date on the card. And now how do we intend to go about it

Hi Adewale,


I checked and it looks like our support team has already shared with you what to do in this case here.


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