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Identical Invitations to Interview?

Over the past months, I have been receiving identical invitations to interview from numerous accounts. They usually come in waves, meaning that there'll be about one or two per day for a few weeks, followed by none at all for a while. All of them are clients searching for German ebook writers, and all of them are identical, the exact same wording. Sometimes the budget changes between waves, in those cases, the budget changes for all the offers in the next wave. The only difference between the offers is the names with which they're signed.

Basically, my question is: how can I stop getting spammed by a dozen identical invitations to interview per week?

I do not want to mark myself as unavailable, since then I also wouldn't get offers from legitimate clients. Furthermore, since the invites are coming from different accounts, blocking them won't do much good.

Does anyone else have this problem, or know what is going on? At this point, I have no idea whether all the accounts are connected or whether they all came across the same copy/past invitation text somewhere. I am also not certain whether this is allowed here on Upwork. Although the invitations come from different accounts, at this point they are starting to feel a lot like spam.


Hi Miriam,


This has happened to me here and there. I try to flag them up as spam and Upwork will hopefully see a pattern. I can't see what else you can do, but if Upwork are notified, they may be able to stop it, if they deem it necessary to be stopped ( by breaking T&Cs for example).



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