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Identification of any Government ID card

Hello, Upwork community!

I hope everyone there is going well.

I am trying to get verified through my government ID card and fail many times because it is a rule by Upwork that all the information must be matched according to my ID card. and problem is that my full name is written as Abubakar in Urdu language but if I talk about Upwork, it is written as Muhammad Abubakar so I am not able to get verified. So any Upwork member can help me here? thanks in advance.

I can display my ID card here if Upwork allows me to do so.

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Sorry, I had to mention in my post that I have changed my first name to Abubakar from Muhammad.

My first full name was Muhammad Abubakar

Hi Abubakar,


I can see you are communicating with our team via support ticket regarding this. Please allow some time for our team to review your latest reply and they will update you directly via ticket as soon as possible.




Okay, I got your point. and I am also willing to get identified through a video call with any Upwork support staff.

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