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Identifying wrong clients while receiving Interview offers.

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I declined a Job offer and I raised a Customer Service ticket for a Job Posting / Interview from a Client.

Even before the Ticket is closed I got my connect point back, as the Client withdrawn his posting with a remark stating that "Inappropriate Job Posting) Smiley Very Happy

Bringing this to the notice of New Freelancers like me, as it may be of help for identifing wrong clients or doubtfull approch of the client.


The below snap shot is Initial Job Posting by the Client, for which me and 199 others applied.


**edited for Community Guidelines**Capture 3.JPG





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Okay, V R,

You posted this message a while ago and nobody has replied yet. I don't know that you actually have a question you need answered, because you seem to already know this is a scam job. But you did say you wondered why Upwork allows these jobs to be posted.


I think a lot of us grow weary of seeing the same thing over again. But it's new to you, so I'll answer your question.


This is the CAPTCHA data entry scame, in which a fake client posts a job for transcribing PDF work, and the job ends up actually being a scam job which is present on Upwork and most other freelancing work platforms.


The client's name is "jgff gf jgj."


Experienced contractors are already familiar with the specific wording of this job and they know it's the CAPTCHA capture scam.


Also, experienced clients know that when a client uses a random string of keyboard characters, it's just a scam job.


Nobody here in the Forum will be able to answer exactly why Upwork allows jobs like this to be posted. All I can say is that Upwork has a fairly open forum, and its technical filtering algorithms are simply not capable of blocking all such jobs.


Just in case you're wondering, yes, these types of jobs are total scams. They don't lead to contractors/data entry specialists receiving any money. Participating in these jobs is a violation of Upwork's ToS.


Most contractors either ignore these jobs entirely in the way that you ignore or a fly while eating a sandwich at a picnic, or they flag the jobs when they see them.

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