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If I cancel the contract will it affect my JSS?

If I cancel the contract will it affect my JSS?


First, the job is very different from the contract that was submitted. Second, the client is not really providing complete requirements beforehand. Even the usage of the WebApp, no further instructions. And when you tried to clarify steps, the client is getting a bit pissed because they are expecting that you don't need to ask further questions because it's clear.


It is very okay for me that I already completed a part of the job but not getting paid. I just don't want to hold the client instead of them being able to find other freelancers who can do it. 


Thank you so much in advance. 


Right now, the message said that the fund will be returned to client if I cancel the contract, but my main concern is will it affect my JSS?

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Retired Team Member

Hi Anne,


When a contract is closed both parties have the option to provide feedback for each other. The feedback you will receive from your client will be included in your JSS calculation. To learn more about the factors included in the JSS calculation, check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran
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