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If I have other skills how can I add them without the Related Skills button?


I am fairly new to the Upwork community


I have 2 other skills I wish to add to my profile, but they are not really related to my 3 rd skill on my profile.

Do I have to create a new account? 

I cannot delete the Related Specialised Profile content as it is default. My other skills are not that related. 


I can only add 1 screen shot of the profile


Thank you 




Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Simon,


You can add up to 10 skills on your profile. To do this go to your profile > scroll down to the skills sections and click on the pencil icon.
Just to clarify, you can also create another specialized profile to showcase your experience from another industry. Thank you.

~ Goran

THank you

However I do not want the other skills to be confused with the Specialised
So it looks like I have to create other specilised profile. That is not how
it reads in the instructions

Thank you again

Simon, you don't need to list so many skills, especially unrelated skills.


As a client, that is one of the very first things I look for.


I want to hire someone who is an expert at a particular thing. If I see a bunch of unrelated skills, they become my last choice. I don't have time to talk to violinists when I want to hire a painter.

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