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If I were Dictator of Upwork, here's what I'd Dictate

Community Leader

I'd make sure the entire company understood that our livelihood is based on providing quality freelance services to our clients.


I'd focus all employees' minds on the source of company profits: Gainfully employed Upwork freelancers.


I'd point out to all and sundry that we cannot be a successful company without successful freelancers.


In light of that, I'd dictate these new policies:


1. Our goal is to make our clients happy.  That cannot occur if our freelancers are unhappy.


2. Presenting our freelancers in the best possible light is mandatory.  Anything that prevents that, such as wacky Job Success algorithms, must be rooted out.


3. Providng quality freelancers to our clients is essential.  We will change our system so that jobs posted by clients are not inundated by those who don't meet the requested experience level (Entry, Intermediate, or Expert), those who are not in the client's requested geographic area, and those whose skills don't match the client's requested skills.


Is there anything you'd add to my Dictatorial policies?

Ace Contributor

I will change the name back to oDesk.

Stop behaving like robots with cut and paste answers that do not address a freelancer's query.
---- easy like Sunday morning ----
Community Guru

Please stop treating us as children. You want us to be responsible, please take part in your responsibility to us.

The delay between the job posted time and the people invited for the job should be ended because freelancers are wasting their connects.

second there is no change in the amount of freelancers or in spammers , both freelancers and clients , so there is no need for connects system . connects benifits only upwork not freelancers .

The JS system is also disturbing the quality freelancers .

There is no need to explain all these three topics because the community is full of these topics , i will like to say that The community is started in April 2015. 

"One thing I know, that I know nothing. This is the source of my wisdom"
Community Guru