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If JS drops can it rise to 100% again later?

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Miguel S Member Since: Aug 17, 2015
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Title. I have had 100%, then 85% after one single client who was very impatient, now 83%, I have an hard time figuring out what to do to improve my JS, since 5 star reviews are going to disappear, and mine are good, I suppose I'll have an hard time finding jobs?

Just trying to see on what I can improve, there are silly things that affect me like, clients forgetting to close contracts, not responding, open interviews that clients never made up their mind about whether to hire me or not, which is really out of my reach, I'd rather focus on perfecting my craft than tutoring the clients about how upwork works.

The system is good and promissing but maybe it could use some improvements on the system between client and freelancer and maybe something automated?


As a side question, I will be away from upwork for a while, will my JS drop meanwhile? Should I set my profile to private, if that helps?

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere already. I couldn't find it.

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Sandra T Member Since: Nov 26, 2014
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Hi Miguel,


your JS score can change while you are being inactive. This is due to the fact that it is updated every two weeks. The score is calculated for the last 6, 12 and 24 months (the best of these is chosen as your actual JS score), so when positive or negative job results/feedbacks fall out of those periods that's what changes the score.


So it is actually possible that a score rises while being inactive due to negative feedbacks falling off the waggon, so to speak. However, it's easier to improve the score with being active. Mine was in the 60s when it was first introduced, I managed to get it up to around 90 (currently going back and forth between 92 and 88) within a few months. Obviously in order to increase the score jobs need to be finished sucessfully, so it would be advisable to only take on jobs one is very confident in (which I think is part of what the JS score wants to achieve).


In my experience, clients will also take you on for a job that they believe suits you well despite a lower score, so as long as you write good proposals and apply for jobs that really suit your strengths and areas of expertise, I wouldn't be too worried about not finding work.

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Miguel S Member Since: Aug 17, 2015
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Great answer! Thank you!

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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The short answer is yes. As for clients' not closing contracts:


Although it was rolled out in a ham-handed way, Upwork's automatic closure of dormant contracts should in the longer run dampen the effects of such closures, most of which may be without feedback, on your Job Success score. Upwork will solicit feedback twice from clients before closing contracts. This leaves it more to your discretion whether you want to be bothering clients with feedback requests or as you say, "tutoring the clients about how upwork works."


There was a justifiable hue and cry when Upwork closed all dormant contracts en masse, with no notice and no (apparent) thought to how such a mass closure would affect work histories. Going forward, contracts will be closed as they "expire," and the effect should be minimal.


My clients are still on Elance; I have notified them that Upwork requires inactive contracts to be closed quarterly. For future clients I'll mention contract closure once at the beginning and once at end of contracts, which should remove the "nag" factor from bringing Upwork's administrative hoop to their attention.