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Re: If we're going to use a "chat-style" messaging system...

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Barbara W Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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...wouldn't it logically follow that we would have one room per contact? I have had a few repeat contracts, and the messages don't group together - forcing me to manually hide all the "old ones", as well as the interviews once we have a contract in place, etc...


Don't get me wrong - I do enjoy separating out separate projects. But when interview+project are the same project, or when client starts a new contract but still uses the old messaging thread... It gets a little confusing after awhile, and I think a client may be missing my payment request because of it.


(I had to extend a deadline by two days last month - submitted on the 2nd... The client just responded to the extension request today and hasn't checked the submission yet.)

- Barbara Herrera -
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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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"It gets a little confusing "


Barbara, you are the mistress of understatement!


It is infuriating. I can't understand why we can't have one client in one place. I never had a problem before on oDesk having different projects with the same client. The whole thing was chronologically ordered and absolutely clear.  What's more I could always find old files to refer to. Upwork has no business archiving any client a freelancer has had - none. We are not employees and we may need to refer back to old work.


Valeria told me that this muddle (I can't find the thread) was going to be sorted this month.