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If/when a CLient's trying to reach me?

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Bill M Member Since: Jun 28, 2016
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hi all, first time here!

simple question, I think....I've put out 3 proposals and have not (as yet) had any response from Clients. At least I don't *think* I have! Question is; if/when a Client wants to respond to a proposal of mine, would it be through email directly to me? Or by UpWork message? Or how?

thanks very much

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Muhammad Saif U Member Since: Oct 18, 2015
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1. You can get reply by a client on a single proposal and might be you could not get a reply from client on 1000 proposals.. its your luck

2. Client will contact you on upwork. DONOT mention your personal email or other contact informaiton in your proposal until clients asks you to provide it


So, better to keep sending proposal on the jobs matching your skills set.. Make it sure you are sending customized proposals instead of can ones.


Good Luck!!

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Welcome Bill! If a client responds to your proposal, you'll see it your Messages area. Depending on the notification settings you have there in Messages, you'll also receive these regularly in your email. 


Keep at it. Non-response to your first three proposals isn't unheard of.

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Amy T Member Since: Jan 31, 2013
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When the client contacts you, you should receive notification in the Upwork message center and to the email address that you registered with on the site.


If you have a smart phone, it probably wouldn't hurt to download the Upwork app so you can also receive notifications through it as well. 

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Bill, it depends. If you gave your email in your proposal, a potential client might contact you that way, but it is generally through Upwork.  You will get an official message from Upwork (not the client) saying that you have an offer from a client, and then it is up to you to get to the message room and reply.


If you are new to Upwork, it is better to do all your messaging and correspondence via the relevant message room in your Upwork account.


If a client contacts you away from Upwork, make sure that any job you get is contracted and paid through Upwork. Don't agree to work offsite, which apart from seriously breaching your contract with Upwork, is likely to be a scam job.


Edited to add: Sorry all, my post crossed with others, but more or less says the same thing!

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Bill M Member Since: Jun 28, 2016
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hey all! thanks so much for clearing that up! I'll be checking "messages" more often.