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If you are offered a job from California Home Medical Equipment(CHME) it is a scam!

I was recently concated by a **Edited for Community Guidelines** after submitting a proposal. He interviewed me, then asked me to complete a google doc to complete the hiring process. I was then contacted on skype & asked to purchase equipment. I blocked the skype contact and flagged the job ad. But I'm unsure how to flag **Edited for Community Guidelines**. 
So, just be ware of this company. I googled them & they even have a website! They are very dedicated scammers.


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That company and that individual are probably completely innocent and have nothing to do with this. (Therefore, as soon as an UW mod sees your post, they'll edit out the names.) Scammers pretend to be legitimate businesses and legitimate people. 


Please read this before you do anything else.  



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