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Immediate request of personal email

I have submitted several proposals for work.  Two of them ended up being scams.  I just submitted a proposal this morning and the client got back to me right away.  Client immediately requested my email address (which is on my resume).  Client is searchable via google.  Has a linkdin profile, twitter account and has had several articles written about said client.  My question is:  if I send my email address (which client should already have) is that a red flag?

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It's not necessarily a red flag. Some people just prefer to communicate that way. 

Just be wary if they start asking for personal details unnecessarily, or if they ask to pay you outside of Upwork. 

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Not a red flag.

There is no rule against this.


If you have any concerns at all, then just use a project-specific email address (a throw-away email address), rather than providing your prime email address.

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Hi Mary,


I really like Preston's suggestion to just use a throw-away email if you're worried about a scam. But, also, as he pointed out, there's no rule against using your email and it's often preferred by clients. If you continue to be worried, however, then just try to persuade them to stay on Upwork messaging so that in the event you get scammed again there will be a paper trail, so to speak. Simply tell the client that as a freelancer, you're advised to keep all communication on Upwork. 


Best regards,


Jody PM

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