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Importance of a Shopify Manager.

I have some questions to the Shopify Shop Owners.

We know PDP, PLP, or product listing is important for each and every store. So What should be the Structure of Product Listing and How to imply all SEO techniques on the content?

Marketing is the major part to get earnings from the store. So What marketing is the best or legit for a long-time profit(Organic or Paid)? and What is the smooth way to target and retarget customers via mail?

Brand Awareness is very important for your business and for google also. My question is, What is your strategy to boost your brand through the internet? and Why do people say that your brand is awesome?

I'm waiting for your answer.


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MD Mahabubur:


You posted a lengthy Shopify question.


I am not sure you will get useful help or information here.


You posted in the wrong place.


This is the Upwork Community Forum.


This is where you would post questions about Upwork.


If you have Shopify questions, then you should post them in the Shopify forum on the Shopify website.


Or post your questions as a job posting on the main Upwork site:




If your post is intended as a survey of Shopify owners... this Community Forum is unlikely to be a successful place to post.

If you want to use Upwork to achieve your goals with this post, then posting a job posting, but targeting it to Shopify freelancers, would probably be the most successful strategy. Post it as an hourly contract and talk to the freelancers who apply to your job, doing so as live consultations. Or write out a series of questions that you give them to fill out after you hire them.


I have participated in questionnaires about technical topics such as this, both as a freelancer and client. Upwork can be a very successful, inexpensive way of obtaining the type of answers and feedback you seek.

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