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Important Improvements - Request

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Yamileth R Member Since: Oct 27, 2015
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Hello Folks!


Thank you for your time to read this post.


I'm Yamileth a Graphic Designer, I have been doing business inside Odesk and Elance since 2012, my husband and I start as freelancers and thanks to this platforms, we are now a company with 10 direct employees, after only 3 years of work we are ranked in the Top 10, sales based company inside Elance in the category: Design and Multimedia.

We use more Elance than Odesk (now Upwork) because is a more intuitive, user friendly, UI and UX well-designed tool, (and I can tell this as an expert on UI and UX, due that is part of the services we offer)


We face the change to Upwork with a lot of fear, but we have no fear about the change itself, because we are a young and entrepreneur people doing business in a world that change every single day; we have fear about something that we don't know, fear about an uncertain future…

If you only could offer the same stability and workflow experience inside Upwork as Elance did it for the past 3 years, we did not have fear.


As example, one of our clients say this a couple of weeks ago, when I tried to bring it inside Upwork:


“Hi I am setting the job up on Elance because Upwork has problems with the communication platform at this time.

I almost lost a client on it a couple of month ago, because of this.”


For us is a bit complicated to publicize Upwork, because neither clients nor freelancers wants to do business inside a platform that is not reliable.


I will enumerate a couple of things that are doing a nightmare working inside Upwork, and I’m not talking about the slowness and the outage events in the whole platform or some or their components. Because I hope this is completely resolve when on mid-2016, 10 million freelancers and 4 million clients worldwide use Upwork, I’m talking about how some process are not designed in a way to maximize results.


1- A freelancer (contractor) is not able to propose terms to clients, because we cannot create or modify milestones! (even if we don’t accept the terms, we are not able to update them, instead that we have to reject the offer and ask to clients to update it) I think that is an equated relation between two parts trying to do business, both side need to have the same functions available, Elance works very fine regarding this section. Sometimes this is part of the services of a full agency offer to their clients "the paperwork" 


2- The milestones cannot be founded more than one at the time, this way you only admit a linear time progress inside a project, and, many times the projects have more than one-overlapped actions that helps to complete the whole thing in a schedule manner.

What happen when a website creation is divided into tasks and after design the first page (home page) I need to start with the programming stage, but the arrange of the milestone is not following this behavior?

You always ask to wait until a milestone is funded in order start to work.


3- Due the lack of geographic information in the cover of the jobs, on the “Find Jobs” page, we have to enter to each one in order to know if is something interesting for us (our goal market is USA and Canada) neither there is an option on the filters to set geographical location, this is super important!!!


4- The size & quantity of the attachments and the loading system is inadequate, very restrictive and slow.


I hope this advices help to improve Upwork, because I am speaking through the voice of thousands of users that seek for these minimum levels of functionality.


Last but not least, we accept that you charge for account memberships, for extra tokens and the 10% of we earn,  but we urgently need a site that offer an excellent support to our business in order to continue growing together, I'm sure you can do it, I really want to belive that this is posible.




Yamileth Recinos de Arce

Art Director - Co Owner

Zeus Estudio Digital