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Impossible to get my withdrawal

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Eleonore C Member Since: Dec 24, 2013
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Hello everybody,



I do not understand at all what is happening: when I enter the info to get paid, the oDesk system recognizes my BIC, address and name/surname are correct, and I checked few times my bank account number so I do not understand at all the problem.


Did it happen to any of you to have a bank which does not accept oDesk withdrawals? what can be my issue here? My bank says that everything is fine about the info, and that I have entered so where can be the problem?


Please help me Smiley Happy

Community Guru
Misty K Member Since: Feb 5, 2012
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Did you try to do your withdrawal already?  I ran into a problem where I received a technical issue:  Due to a technical issue, withdrawal is temporarily unavailable at this time.  Please try again later.  You can open an Odesk support ticket.


However, my funds are glitched up in Odesk outter space. They never reached their destination.  And now I'm being given the run around by support.  Smiley Sad