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Impossible to submit a support request. The field is missing.

Hi Dear Community! 
Unfortunatelly have come to Unresponsive Client issue, and struggling to submit a support request.

The fields on Submit Request Page are dissapearing from the view as soon as I open the page, see the video: https://youtu.be/lQfjPhgdk6A


 So far I have tried to solve the problem myself, by: 

  • Using different access methods (iOS, MacOS, Linux, Windows, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Enabling / Disabling VPN, changing countries
  • Trying to view hidden content by rendering HTML code directly ( Did not work ) 
  • Clearing browser cache, history, cookies, reloading the system etc. 
  • Enabling and disabling browser plugins on different systems

Nothing seems to work. Fields disappear immedieately as the page loads. Thus, I am unable to send a support request and resolve my issue.
I need to talk to support urgently, as it seems client is refusing to communicate and refusing to pay for a completed job. If anybody have any suggestions how I can get some help without submitting a support  request, I will be happy to hear about it. 


Hi Ivans,


Could you please share more information about the issue you're experiencing so we could help?



Regarding the report: I cannot send the report. 
Regarding the client: 

I was working on a project as a UI developer for python scripts for the client. In total I had 2 jobs with this client. A smaller job and a larger more demanding, which came one after another. 
First one went flawlessly, but due to some lacking information from the client side was delayed for a few days until they could provide me with complete spec. The milestone was funded when I started, but when I finished wasn't released by client. The pay was small, so I didn't really pay attention to that, and continued on my work on other things. Please mind delivery was confirmed and client approved the app, no communication on any issues was there. After a few weeks I have got back to the client, asking them If they can release the payment if they are happy, and if they have anything else for me to do. They had an extra UI project in mind for me with the same codebase, which I accepted, and then client released first milestone (first project, smaller one) to me. 
About the client: client was really pushy regarding deadlines, the project was always on high priority, and within the project there was always missing information or some inconsistencies I had to deal with. Until I was speaking directly to their developer (I had to ask a few times for his contact) I had problems with missing important details.


So the second project arrives, a more demanding UI with unrealistically tight deadline. With this in mind I start right away doing my best to be quick, while also proposing the milestone of larger sum that we have decided on with the client. While I do my best to get everything correct, we still have to push back a few times because UI design had features included that were not actually in the base software. So when UI features were developed and working, I had nothing to connect them to. This pushed the deadline 2 times. After getting everything right, doing most thorough testing and building I could, client and his developer accept the software and are happy with it. While working hard I did not take into consideration that the milestone was not funded and wasn't even accepted until client was happy with the work. 
After that, client went silent. I had tried contacting him numerous times within a week with no avail. At the moment I have an accepted milestone of the second project, a proof of work and communication, and no contact with the client for more than a week. 

I know I had made a mistake by starting to work without clients money in the milestone, but main reason to it was that dedline proposal was tight and was not reacheble had I not started the work immediately. As I am just starting, I still have to pick up any jobs available and deliver them with best quality and in tightest deadlines. I do not have much to pick from now. 
I wonder if I have enough proof and documents for upwork to do something. I also have clients developer email, and I wonder if I should contact him asking if his coworker who I was communicating with on upwork would ever get back to me, and if their company have any intent to pay. What should I do now? 

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