Impossible work on upwork, Japanese translation, abusing google keyword advisory tool.

Sometime, we receive impossible work on odesk.



Using Google keyword advisor tool with huge record.

I tried to this job.

Google noticed your use is abusing and my account is locked.

I realized client should pay google corporate contract for using huge volume of keyword search.



Japanese Translation task.

They paid penny, they ask native Japanese translation.

Our labor minimum payment 1000JPY, around 10USD per an hour by law.

Most of Upwork offer is impossible.

Because native professional translator can earn over 3500JPY per an hour.


Here is translation average fee for Japanese professionals.

Their fee is around 20JPY to 35JPY per word .


Here is an report for Japanese translation fee in 2006.

They says minimum is 7 JPY maximum is 35 JPY per word in E to J.



Translation proof read task.

Please imagine, proof reader require modify google translation results.

I am fear about these risk.



"100% human translation."

Yes, I am probably human being.

If you need cheap translation, translator need to use trasos etc...

If you need perfect translation, it costs more. Please ask professionals.


My guess is some of BPOs get translation jobs but there are no professionals.

They ask in upwork.


I know some of Chinese and Korean has business level Japanese translator.

They are also alternative, but difficult to find valid translator too.


What should I do these case?


I woud like to share about these fact for freelancer and client.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Yoshihiro,


You can try improving your profile and increasing your profile rate. You don't have to accept offers from clients that are below your pay rate and work with clients who are ready to pay you more.


Here are a couple of resources about improving your profile:


How to Build Your Freelancer Profile on Upwork


Enhance Your Upwork Freelancer Profile for Greater Success


And here is a good discussion about raising freelancer rate.

~ Valeria