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Improve accessibility to get leads

Hello Folks! I am not able to get work here. I have good profile in Salesforce.com. Experience gigs can suggest me that how i can improve my earning here.

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Hi Durgesh, I'm sure everyone wants to improve their conversion rates and sales!


It's very hard to give you specific suggestions as I am not on the receiving end of your proposals, and do not work in the Salesforce arena, so can't tell whether your profile appears to include everything that is required.


Is your rate correct for the market / competition ?

How do you structure your proposals ? Are they detailed and specific, or open-ended and vague ?

Are you clear in your communications to potential clients ?

Do you apply for many gigs or only a few ? (I have found you need to "kiss a lot of frogs" on Upwork)

Are you flexible with your terms ?


This last bit of feedback might sound harsh, but it is in the spirit of helping you. Your profile lists a lot of qualifications and experience in Salesforce, but you have run the Upwork Salesforce test and the results are fairly low. This would indicate to a potential customer that you aren't quite as good as your qualifications suggest. I know that the Upwork tests can be tricky in the way they are worded, and sometimes ask really strange questions, but in terms of optics (I hate that phrase), I hope you would agree. 


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