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Improve job success score

Hello Team,


I started off great on UpWork. Quickly found jobs, had great reviews, even earned a rising talent badge. However, one client was extremely unresponsive and his project took me months to finish because he was simply never available.


Being new to UpWork I didn't realize in what ways this could harm me. I thought if it's not my fault and as long as the project is ongoing it shouldn't matter. First the job success score never showed up and later when it did I saw 69%. With so much skill and so much to offer, I am finding it impossible to find clients because of my score. Does this mean my days on UpWork are done? Is there no way I can improve it?


Looking forward to your kind responses.

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There are many factors that impacts your JSS, I see one of the reason could be poor rating from one of your project. Apart from that it also depend on your skills and what jobs you apply for, avoid applying to jobs which are not your skills. 

I have few opened job since June 2018, having said that it had not impacted on my JSS, I think. Meanwhile you may refer to how to calculate JSS article. 

Dear Sarang,


I have only appied for web development and graphics desigining jobs and I would only apply to an offer if I know it to the bones. I just don't know how to convince someone to hire me if I have a score of 69%. All my connects are going down the drain.




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