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Improving stats

Hello community! I have been on upwork for 3 weeks now and I still have zero reviews on my profile. What can I do to improve on this and boost my Stats?

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Upwork mainly operates on sellers sending proposals to buyers, so this should be your main priority over impressions. In my case, I have gotten several orders even with very few impressions because of the way this platform is designed. Once you create a good cover letter, pass the interview, and receive a contract, you will likely gain more impressions. 

Hello my name is Melvin, I have submitted over 15 proposals and I think my cover letters are okay but I have not yet gotten any invitation to interview. My profile is 85% complete and I am fairly new in the job market, I have the skills but very little work experience even outside upwork. What can I improve on to get more invitations to interview?

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