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Improvment suggestions

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Zeeshan M Member Since: May 9, 2017
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Hi, I recently get back to Upwork & was busy with my other projects. The upwork is totally changed & more restriced with their policy after Elance merger. Currently Upwork is more flaxiable for buyers. If the client is not responsive & the contract turn idle, The upwork team push seller to sort this issue & same up with negative feedbacks. In fact no one around knows whats the real situation going with them.

I have no issue with Upwork because here I started my career. But in this duration, So many issues & lost all profiles with unspefied reasons. There is differece between termination & suspended. If the account is suspended there is still some clue that may fix portion to help continue freelancer their jorney in Upwork if he is serious about their business.

The support team not all but majority are not professionally mature & push law bases on region. So whats the reason to support Upwork for my professional career?

I have many suggestions but I know you have team that working on it & get $amount from you guys but here are some that actually HELP ME to stay here.

1: Kindly protect seller approach. You have to upgrade your system that may force clients to interview everyone or go through that process to select the right caniditate. Fake commitments, Marketing tecties & other things hijack our efforts for atleast allow them to communicate with us for only 5 mins? This is what I want. I don't know about around.

2: When you guys going to close account, Mention the reason & IF in 1st time, Warning is the better solution. No one even in Upwork  company don't know all the policies they following. So common sense mate & please I know privacy policies but this is about my account & you really have to share everything.

I have now 30 connections left. Mean 15 chances. Few are already select before coming to me. So you know as a seller think what I got from Upwork?

Thank you

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Zeeshan,

Thank you for your feedback, I will share this with our team.

~ Goran