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Inacctivate Milstone

Hi, I'm very new to UpWork. I've faced a problem, that is my client does not active the next milestone. My client error message is "Milestone could not be activated. Please contact customer support for assistance." I'm attaching my client's view side.

Please solve this issue. 

Thank you. 


Hi Md Imran,


I'm sorry to hear you're client is having trouble activating the milestone. Please know that, because of privacy reasons, we're unable to discuss another user's account with you. Please let your client know they can reach out to us directly so we could help. Also feel free to share this with them on how to contact support:

A quick way to contact support is by clicking the "Get Support" button that shows at the bottom right corner of this page: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us. You may be asked what type of account you need help with, please select the best option for your situation. If you don't receive the information you're looking for, you can click "Get Support" for more options, including contacting our support team.


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