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Inactive Gig

Hi everyone, so I was wonder if this ever happened to anyone:

Let's say a client hired you for a 20 hr per week job that actually paid you for a short period of time. But let's say that all of a sudden-- the client stops replying. You message them a few times to see if they have any new tasks for you, to no avail. Does that mean that the job is no longer active? I've received a message from another client back then saying "they're very busy" which is understandable, but does that mean the gig will close if no activity happens?

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It doesn't close automatically.  The client may have had enough work from you for the moment and intends coming back (or not).  Don't keep messaging them, as that can be really annoying.  The client may come back and end the contract, or you could end it yourself.  However, you have nothing to lose by leaving the contract open. If you close it yourself, you would have to leave feedback for the client, but you might not get any in return. 

I see. It wouldn't hurt to apply for other gigs at the mean time I suppose?

It won't hurt at all. If that client comes back to you, you can either juggle your hours, if you have found another job, or tell the client when you will be available to work with him again. 


Finding work as a freelancer is not like finding work in the B&M world.  You are not tied to any one client (unless of course, that client wants you on a full-time basis and pays you accordingly).  It is a question of time management, which is one of the most difficult things about working for oneself. You have to know how much work you can take on at once in order to meet all the deadlines. 

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