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Inactive job?

I have a contract that has been running for a couple of months. I have completed a few milestones and been paid, but now the client has gone quiet. I messaged to make sure they were ok, and they replied that there is more work coming and they will try to get me something soon, but nothing. There has been no activity or response from the client for 3 weeks. The client has indicated they are satisfied with my work so far and even voluntarily increased the rate. 


I don't want to end the contract and risk not get any feedback from this guy, but I also am not sure if I should leave the job inactive? 


Any advice or ideas on what to do would be appreciated 🙂 TIA


I have one like that, had the same fear about feedback so I just left it alone. 🤷🏻


I wouldn't do anything else. They volunteered to increase the rate and said they like the work. If you keep getting in touch it might sour things because they might be busy, or unable to control when new work is available.

There is no harm in leaving the contract open - in fact, I've heard many freelancers say they have multiple inactive open contracts. I do! Many of my clients want to work with me in the future, but you never know what that means for them. They can be really busy, or they can truly not have another project for months (plus it might not be something they can foresee) so I wouldn't put a date on it. Leave it open. Maybe with newer clients, if they express wanting to work with you in the future you can reply your usual way but also ask if they don't mind closing the contract to leave feedback since messaging is still available if there is future work.

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