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Inappropriate Job Categories on Job Postings

Hello everybody,


I have been working on Upwork for the last 5 years. I like it very much as a freelance platform 🙂 I have few questions or rather concerns, posting here for the first time. I'm not sure if these had already been discussed or if it's a right place to post them. I need experts' opinion here.


Why some clients don't care about selecting a right "job category" for the job they post. For example, I had perfomed an "invoice design" job and the category of that job was "Resumes & Cover Letters". Who picks the job category, is it a bot work or by a client?


This is just one example, otherwise I had performed many such jobs with inappropriate job categories. I think, doing jobs having inappropriate category would affect profile appearance of a freelancer in Search or in any such Recommended list, etc.?

What's experts' opinion about it?


Yesterday, I had created two specialized profiles for me. Upon creating specailized profiles, Upwork was unable to auto-select all appropriate jobs matching with the specialized skill. I know about picking jobs manually there but what would be the benefit of making a specialized profile then when it can't even pick all the right jobs?

What's experts think about it?


I did not find anything on Upwork where it tells us about our most performed categories. I want to know about the category I had finished most jobs on. I don't think there is any option available on Upwork that tells us about it, except for this single line on My Stats Page: "Among freelancers in Category Name".... Looking for experts' opinion here too!


Thanks for your time 🙂

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