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Include a link to your GitHub profile and/or website

I am new to Upwork and I am not sure how to respond to the following question that now seems to appear on every job post.


"Include a link to your GitHub profile and/or website"


As far as I understand, sharing my GitHub profile or an external website that could expose my contact information is forbidden on Upwork before a contract is started. Considering this, I think this question must be removed from the job post. Any advice on how to respond to this question cause I don't want to keep on saying something like "I can't answer this question because it's forbidden!".

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Providing a Github profile link does not violate Upwork terms. For that matter, zero contact information is revealed in a Github profile. What exactly are you concerned about?

First off, they are asking for a link to your github and/or your website. Your website would definitely reveal your contact information. In case you haven't used GitHub, you can directly contact a user with his/her user id.

Then you should report your concerns to Upwork.

Oh yeah i was expecting an Upwork staff to respond regarding this matter.

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The link is required for 100% completion of the profile. So I just started a new github account and pointed out the link. If Upwork wants it then why not?

But it is strange requirements, have no projects at git. Maybe for some developers it is useful, but not for all freelancers.

Own site without contacts is nonsense. Have no idea why someone will create it.

No, it's not.

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You can make your profile 100% ready without linking your GitHub account. You may share your Github info with Upwork but it must be forbidden to share it with any of your prospects before starting a contract with them.

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Well, in my opinion it's just one of many conflicting/grey/shady things here in Upwork. A moderator once said:


You should be able to share your website via the proposals. As long as there is no way to contact you on your website, there shouldn't be any problem linking your website on your Upwork profile.
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It is pretty gray especially looking at this answer from Upwork staff. "You shouldn't but it's ok."


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