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Income and tax report working from Belarus

in 2016 I worked from Belarus and received income from Upwork as a physical entity.
This year I filed my tax paper to the local tax service, as Belarus and US has got an agreement about avoidance of double taxation I'm not liable to pay any tax in Belarus. But the local tax service is asking me to prove that Upwork has paid those taxes on my behalf.  

I failed to find any interface how to file this request to Upwork support.  Did they eliminate this feature?

Pls, give an advise how to contact them and get that paper proof.
Many thanx.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Roman,


Note that you are hired and paid by the client you worked for, not Upwork, and you'll need to consult a local tax advisor about any fees due on the earnings on your contract. You can download the Confirmation of Services document and follow the outlined steps shared in this Help article.

~ Vladimir
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