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Incorrect name (mixed up first and last profile name)



I've just realized that my profile name is incorrect. I mixed up the first and last names lines, so my first name is in the "last name" line, and my last is on the "first name" line, respectively.  How can I switch it back? 

I've tried to change it, but my updates were not saved, and I've never got any notifications to provide my ID again.


Thank you

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Just go to your settings page and change your contact info with the correct name spelled, and then wait. It will say something ..in progress...I think, since is not instant, you have to wait for someone to approve the changes from Upwork. And in like 24h you will see if they need other documents or they approved it without.

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Hi Vdovina,

We'll have a member of the team reach out to you directly to help assist you with your name issue. You should be hearing from them shortly, thank you.

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