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Re: Increase in hourly rate experiences

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Giacomo U Member Since: Jul 12, 2019
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Yes you are right! the last week in the searches results I was in the first 3/4 pages for some topic, now I can't find my profile anymore. I'm curious to have my jss, surely I will shortly bring my rate to 80 $. Thank you

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Christine A wrote:

Yeah, $65/hour is too low for a senior level designer; even $80/90 is a bargain. The thing is, clients who are looking for cheap prices aren't going to hire you at $65 anyway, so you may as well start charging the rate that you feel you're worth. (If your invitations declined after you raised your rates, it was probably just because you were rotated in the search results.)

Yeah, exactly. That's why I will bid on random stuff even if I know there is a good chance I will lose. IDC if I lose, but sometimes you never know who is more interested in me than price. I don't blame clients for trying to get someone good for cheap. It works a lot on here it seems.