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Independant Contractor Service Agreement: Sign it or not?



I am a Freelance Translator and  Copywriter. 


I have been asked by a potential client to sign an Independent Contractor Service Agreement before starting translating, even before taking a paid test...


The client uses a slightly different name on Upwork and in the agreement (I modified it for privacy purposes) but let's say that he is under : Paul Smith, on Upwork and under Michael Paulo Smith, in the agreement.


I am always wary, so I figured it doesn't cost to get an advice here... Do I sign it or not?


Please see below for the agreement (the names were modified for privacy) and let me know if it is worth signing it. 


Please note that as a Translator, I often use automatic translating tools like online translators or grammar checkers and then always proofread the text(s). 



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I would look into the name difference. otherwise as long as there is nothing disagreeable in the agreement  and you feel comfortable with the terms, I don't see a problem signing it.

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I would say it's okay as long as you have been hired.  I would not sign anything prior to having a contract in place.

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I think we have been hired for the same exact job. I am researching this contract before signing it. They presented it as an NDA but there are plenty of other terms in there like a non-solicit term.
I am also reluctant to reveal my home address in a contract where the other party is practically anonymous with no address of its own.


It just feels very weird that they make so much out of this contract while barely giving any information on the project. As far as I know, I'm just supposed to translate some "news articles".

I truly don't know how to feel about this 😞

Hi Lucie ! 

News articles ? 

It looks like the same client to me...

I listened to my gut feeling and a few advices I gleaned and declined the contract.

Something, some things, didn't felt right.


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