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[ Indian Tax Help ]

I'm a freelance writer ( topics: engineering, technical, medical etc) on Upwork. The services are based on client requirements and I also edit other technical articles along with providing writing services. My earning through upwork is less than 50L. Upwork also deducts 1% TDS which reflects in Form 26AS. 


Q. Is it possible to use the section 44ADA to reduce the amount to be taxed to 50% of my freelance earning?

For example, if I've earned 3L, can I reduce the amount to be taxed to 1.5L? On 1.5L I pay 30% (+additional CESS etc). 


Q. Since there is no specific category for writers and I write/ edit/ proofread technical articles along with others is it okay to use 'Technical consultant' as the category?


Note: The nature of payment is 194 O in the Form 16. 


Thank you.

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If there is any such option for other freelancers too, plz let us know. Will be much appriciated. 

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