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Inexperienced client 4,5 feedback

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Melissa T Member Since: Dec 5, 2014
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Gerald, you have to go with your gut, but you'll see advice from very experienced freelancers on other boards saying that if you do the work you should not refund. This is a two-fold response - 1) from a philosophical standpoint, if you do the work you should get paid because free work is not good for anyone (certainly not good for you and it sets a terrible precedent for any future freelancer who works with that client), and 2) there has been a correlation witnessed between refunding and a drop in JSS - can't claim absolute causation because the JSS calculations are opaque, but there is no telling if a refund or bad private feedback would have a worse outcome for your score. 

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Gerald H Member Since: Jun 16, 2016
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Thanks Melissa,


I take your advice and everybody´s. All is good now. Thanks for your help!

So no refund it will be!


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Bud S Member Since: Mar 20, 2016
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It's just another drop in the ocean, pardon the cliche.'

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I swear I have higher T levels than most of the people here. Take the stars like a man. I mean they are stars who cares. boohoo I got 4 stars instead of 5. Really who cares. Oh no I don't have 100% JSS. Who cares. Oh boohoo they knocked me on availability. Who cares I'd rather play Warcraft. 



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Tony B Member Since: Sep 4, 2016
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Potential clients like me read these forums too. It gives a bit more insight into freelancers.


Just thought I'd point that out.

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Christy A Member Since: Dec 30, 2015
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I think most of us understand that.  And I think it's a good thing you're reading.  Sometimes, it can be very beneficial to see where a freelancer is coming from, and to understand those experiences.

@Tony B wrote:

Potential clients like me read these forums too. It gives a bit more insight into freelancers.


Just thought I'd point that out.


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Emmanouil G Member Since: Sep 9, 2016
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I'd rather receive 4,5 stars than no job at all. I mean, I can understand your frustration and all but I sincerely feel that you overreacted over a favorable rating. The most important part of the whole story for me, is that there is a high probability that you won't receive any work from that client again. And before you say that you wouldn't take any work from her again anyway, imagine if that happens with another client of yours, and then another one. Will you lose every chance of cross-selling and upselling? In your place, I'd thank her for that rating and used it as motive to try to make it a 5 on my next assignment. Lastly, what does inexperienced or uneducated client mean? There are other workplaces besides Upwork out there.

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Daniel B Member Since: May 4, 2016
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I get what you're saying about inexperienced clients sometimes being more trouble than they're worth.


I agree that Upwork could and should do more to inform clients that what might universally be considered a good rating could ultimately harm a freelancer's JSS.


However, harassing your client (dress it up however you want, that's what you did) over their subjective feedback is unacceptable and unprofessional.


It continues to enforce the bad name that many of us here are already trying to prove wrong.


And, frankly, it demonstrates that you're probably not a freelancer that should be given a second thought.


If I were you, I'd seriously reconsider your attitude and application before getting back to work. You're creating an unnecessary divide between yourself, Upwork clients, and the rest of us by proxy.


Please stop.

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Ailish D Member Since: Jun 19, 2016
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The one phrase in this whole thread which caused me to raise an eyebrow was 'I tried to educate her'.

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Darko S Member Since: Nov 13, 2016
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I have the same problem with some unrensponsive and Inexperienced clients. We start some project everything goes well,client is satisfied and in one point he don't response just like that. Also this inexperience clients gave me 4.3 , 4.45 , stars and now my job success rating was under 90%. This is not cool for freelencers because this things may affect to our next potencial clients.