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Info on suspended contract

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Mark Adrian T Member Since: Nov 22, 2011
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So I have a contract that got suspended recently, and while I'm sure it would be resolved eventually sooner or later, can you guys give me a run down on what happens when a contract is suspended? Basically it's an hourly job. It's my second week on it and everything's going fine. I have a couple of hours logged for this week already when the suspension note came. Fortunately, all the tasks so far are already done and we'll be resuming next week if all goes well. My question is will my logged hours so far be paid? On a related note, last week's hours has already been billed and already shows as "Pending" in my wallet until some time next week. Does the suspension have any effect on that? (Quick note that these hours are manual ones. I can assure you guys that I'm a good person Smiley Happy and I log hours honestly and give detailed memo of the job done. I only log hours when I'm sure the work for the day's been done too.) Edit: Apparently it won't be resolved until monday or after it. So additional question: what happens to logged hours if the suspension isn't lifted before the weekly cut off? Assuming it gets resolved by say, Teusday, will the hours still follow the usual schedule or will it be billed next week instead?