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Inquiry About Missing Rising Talent Badge and JSS Impact

Hello, everyone,


My profile currently has a 90% Job Success Score (JSS), and my Rising Talent badge has disappeared. I no longer have any badge on my profile. Unfortunately, my long-term client mistakenly closed the contract after the first milestone but paid the remaining bill as a bonus, which caused my JSS to drop from 95% to 90%, even though the job was successfully completed.

Could this be the reason for the missing badge? My client is willing to speak with Upwork to help me restore my score.


Your insights and advice on this matter are greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

Faheem Khan
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You are supposed to have a JSS, or a rising talent badge. Not both. You should work toward getting Top Rated status now.

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The payment method has no impact at all on your JSS - it doesn't matter if you get paid via bonus, via a milestone, or if you do not get paid at all. What matters most is private feedback, and this can't be changed, so your client won't be able to fix it by calling support. 

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