Inquiry: "Sending freelancers current address and Photo ID to Employer"

i encountered a post wherein I would like to apply, however, I noticed that one of the requirement was sending my current address and an Photo ID (which is available already on the profile). Is that okay? or does it violate the T&C of Upwork. I have included the exact text below.



"4) Our on-boarding process takes around an hour or so (depending on how fast you complete it). We will require you to verify your current address (copy of recent bill), send copy of your Photo ID and speak with our director."


I need some insights here.


Thank you in advance.


save your information and probably money.Address is not required for working on upwork.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi John Noel,


Could you please send me a private message with a link to the job you are referring to? I'd like to have it checked.


Thank you!

~ Valeria

Clients do not need any personal information (including addresses). All they are concerned about is getting their job completed quickly and correctly. And you are correct, your picture is available here.


As for the hour interview. I SURE hope that you will make sure you get paid for that hour of your time BEFORE you interview. Have the client set up the funds HERE in escrow ONLY. You'll see how fast this client disappears when you don't provide the address and photo and require payment.


This is most likely a scam job. And if they mention Google Hangouts, for Sure it's a scam.