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Instead of adding 'features', Upwork should create a to-do list of issues and work ONLY on that now!

Upwork should really create a to-do list of issues from messages we send them via support tickets and this forum.


Looks like they dont' have one!


For example, this doesn't work for more than a month now, anyone else? It's happening when I try to upload new project to Portfolio section. And I know it has been reported long ago already. The thing is that this is most probably just a permission issue, and can be fixed within 10 minutes, but I guess Upwork isn't even aware of it, cause they don't have a to-do list.




So, create a list of issues, and give it to developers to start solving them one by one, starting with issue 1 and finishing with issue 1999 (the last one). Please don't do any new 'features' etc, until all the issues on the current site are solved. Because, you're losing time on adding new messaging system, removing star rating etc... but you have essential problems like site being broken every two minutes, or not being able to upload images to portfolio or projects. It's not time for new features, but for making this platform stable in a first place.


That should be your main concern now, and NOTHING ELSE, no new features, nothing. Just fix the bugs that we all found.





I agree 100000%. Too many bugs along with a list of other things.