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Insulted by the Client

As you can see on the print below the client freely insulted me by saying "I need recruiters who has some technical skills, but looks like you have no knowledge and also I see your English isn't good." 


My English skills were veried by Upwork, AND even if it wasn't that is not the way you should treat somebody who provides you service. It feels like I am in a jungle. I am always polite towards him. If you wish you can review my whole chat box with him.

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Nobody needs to review anything.


It sounds like this matter is now over.


There will never be a time when everyone is perfect. You encountered an imperfect person. That person does not have a perfect knowledge of who you are and what your capabilities are. If he said something that wasn't true, what he said is a reflection on him, not you.


What more do you expect to be done?

He complains in "Print 2" that I am hiring people from Asia, but as you can see on print one he allowed me to do so. I just did because he allowed me to. I decided to hire in Asia, because Asians are cheaper, and he was paying a salary that was way too low for LATAM.


Also on "Print 3" he debouches my English by saying I incorrectly used the word "still." However, you can see on the "Print 4" that the "still" he refers to was written by him not me. I just copied his message to the candidate because it was a message I should share with the candidate to explain how to perform the technical test.


Now answering your questions. I am concerned that this person lower my grade on Upwork. It is unfair, he was disrespectful, and he contradicts himself. First, he is punishing me for something he allowed me to do, and second, he is judging my level of English for something he wrote incorrectly.

If I try to get a new client he will read his comment and not know about it. Can I delete the experience I had with him?


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re: "even if it wasn't that is not the way you should treat somebody who provides you service."


If it makes you feel any better, keep in mind that there will never be a time when Upwork can guarantee that everybody on the platform is polite and treats each other respectfully.

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