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Insurance and Business Licenses for Freelancers?



I'm reviewing a contract for a long-term freelance assignment. It mentions general liability insurance, and business permits & licenses. I've never applied for any of these.


Does anyone know if any/all of these are legally required of an independent contractor? Or even if not legally required, is it a good idea to have them?


Thank you,


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It depends on what you do, where you live and how much money you earn. A bit of Googling should answer your questions. But if you have a chance to work for a big company on a long term assignment and they want you to have liability insurance, then it would make sense to get it. (In the UK, I was able to get membership in a freelancer organisation, which included liability insurance for a very reasonable price.)


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Hi Alison, 

I'm facing the same issue. Were you able to figure it out?

Would appreciate the feedback, if any.



Hi Lina,


It seems to vary by state, and even city. I've determined I don’t need a business license, but it seems advisable (although not required) for me to get business liability coverage for Errors & Omissions. I'm getting estimates for that now.


It's probably best that you research the requirements for the specific services you offer, in your city and state.


Hope that helps!


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