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Integrations w/ Dashboards for: Hi Lvl Productivity, Stats/KPI trends, Leadscape/Acqustion Refreshin

I am looking to combine templtes or Gantt- style project dashboards with other types of KPI visualization to keepa  centralized pulse on various email-threads, orders, projet planning, budgetingm, etc.  


Essentially a lightweight PM 'erp' with data visualization and or APIs for data aggregation, leads found via blogs forums, and keyword based research focus. I have an impressive start though wonder if anyone has had success stories, non proprietary pictures comfortably shared, or other resource/examples for further development?

Lets make a production-oriented &  pulse-monitoring project-powerhouse for Operational Efficiency

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For example, if this is allowed to be posted, I find it is great to include glossaries or in named ranges or Pivot tables. Anyone have any thoughtful features or care to join a project?

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