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Interesting job :)


Lol (see screenshot)

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Now we know Upwork algorithms have a sense of humor. Robot LOL

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

That is the only sense the algorithms have.

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Interesting indeed!


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Hi Alexander,


Do you still see the job? If you have a link to it, could you please send it to me so we could further check on it?

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


It's not really about the listing, it's the fact that it was flagged by UpWork as an "interesting job".  The complaints are because this job and others like it are in no way even remotely interesting.  It is obvious that UpWork randomly picks jobs to flag as interesting.  We're paying 20% of each job to have some hack throw in a random number generator for a useless feature.


There is no value in this.




This one is interesting because the deadline passed 4 days ago.  I'm jumping all over this one.

@Joe M wrote:


This one is interesting because the deadline passed 4 days ago.  I'm jumping all over this one.

Good Lord!

Upwork just tacks its "mobile device" boilerplate into clients' text, as if they had written it? (I've never seen it before.) No wonder people are confused, and think it's clients who are being robotic, not Upwork.

Please, Upwork, if you are determined to continue the folly of this meaningless insertion, can you at least have the decency to separate it out as a footer? It makes no sense either way, but at least then it wouldn't seem quite so much like the client is clueless. 

Dear Valeria,


Yes, I'm still looking at the jobs which never can be interesting for me at all,  and the site still marks it as interesting and puts it on the top of search results list. It's not something critical, but English is not my native language  - I learn it for all my life. So I'm just sorry for the English words devaluation I see all around.



Just hitting refresh brings up a new Intersting Job each time.  Funny thing is, the jobs I would consider interesting HARDLY EVER come up in the list.  I refreshed 20 times and only once showed me a job in the list that I had applied for or found interesting.


Maybe having members, contributing and working members of the community, be able to "FLAG" jobs as interesting would work.  When maybe 5-10 people flag a job, give it an interesting rating.  I see jobs all the time that I find interesting but would not necessarily apply to.  Calling attention to these jobs for other providers has VALUE for providers AND UpWork.


The current INTERESTING JOB flag has no value.

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