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Interface Enhancement request: FLAG right next to the thumbs down and heart icons

WHY should we have to go into the job description to flag a scam job? We know just from the preview that they are scams... Would be great to be able to thumbs down it AND flag it right from the feed. Would save us freelancers (your actual clients) a lot of time doing your cleanup work for you! Come on man! This shouldn't be hard to implement.

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I don't even waste my time flagging anymore, otherwise, It would have become a full-time job since the number of scams has reached a point where it makes the majority of my job feed. 


However, yes, a one-click flagging system would certainly make it easier than five. The possibility of automatically hiding the post after flagging would be great as well. 

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100% agree. The Flag needs to be more readily available, as some users may be unaware that they can report spam posts. 

Granted, its gotten to a point where flagging posts will take you the whole day. The real solution is Upwork creating a more effective spam filter or requiring payment verification.

I would like to at least see the project fees that we pay go to something useful. If we (freelancers) don't make money, Upwork doesn't make money.


Hi All,


Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your feedback. I will share it with our team for further review and consideration. 

~ Nikola
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