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Interview Invitations Received after an Hour - "Proposal Not Found"


I received an invitation to submit a proposal for a job. When I clicked on the link it said "Proposal Not Found". The other thing is that I received the notification of the proposal on Upwork site and on my e-mail after 1 hour. When I go to my proposal list I again try to click on this proposal and it says not found. Since this was submitted an hour ago and I didnt receive the invitation, that might have caused me to lose that job. Has anyone else had that issue?


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The job was most likely removed by Upwork for some sort of violation. Most invitations when you are new are scams.  Very few, if any, are legitimate jobs.  Once you get traction, you will start getting legitimate invites.  If I recall, it took me a couple of years.

Hi Mary. I get that. That might be the reason. Lets assume this was a scam. If it wasnt, however, then I would have missed the job because the notification came 1 hour later than the actual proposal. I am also online, sitting in front of my PC. I have the Upwork and my email open. 

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I've seen that happen a few times recently, as well: received an invitation to a fake job, some of them were removed before I even viewed the job. 


I noticed, too, that the notifications are delayed and I'm not receiving the email notification anymore. This has happened with messages, so be aware of that. Until the glitch is fixed, I check my messages while on Upwork just to make sure I didn't miss any new ones. 

Thank you Cassidy. It is not nice that we have this problem but it is good that I am the only one experiencing this issue. It would still be great to have someone from the support team to advise us on this matter i.e. whether this is a known issue or if the development has started. 

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